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JCReppin' LLC was established in 2021. We are a conglomerate providing services and products from fashion to barbering and from music to hosting and even gaming! You never know what God has for you when you're JCReppin'!

who are we?

above all things...

we serve God, period!


established in:

vision given: 2013

vision manifested: 2021


we do our absolute best to bring you high quality services. don't believe us? order something and find out!

Official JC Reppin LLC Logo Updated.png

Our CEO & Founder

"YB Terrion" also known as "W3$$"


YB Terrion is a young serial entrepreneur with many visions & talents. He is the founder of JC Reppin LLC & all of its subdivisions including; JC Reppin Entertainment, New Beginning Kutz & B.O.S.S. Wear.  YB Terrion utilizes a blend of music industry talents including; rapping, producing, songwriting & engineering. In the spirit of celebration, he also hosts & DJs many events & concerts. YB Terrion is a creator, influencer, & an all-around dope dude!

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