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Are you a small business looking for more exposure? We have an event for YOU!

JCReppin' LLC is hosting its first "Baby Business Shower" to celebrate small businesses! Unlike most pop-up events, this event was created to highlight small businesses and their owners by giving them their flowers for all their hard work in the community and their business. Below is ALL the information you need about this event!


Who the heck is JCReppin' LLC?:
I'm glad you asked! We are a Lancaster, CA based company specializing in a WIDE range of things from entertainment, fashion, cosmetology, and even teaching! We love what we do and we do what we love!

What is the Baby Business Shower?:
It's an event specifically designed for celebrating small businesses. If you made the first step in getting a business (LLC, non-profit, etc) then this event is for you! Of course, we want you to make some money. But, more importantly, we feel that every business owner should be CELEBRATED for taking that BIG leap of faith!

How much is it for vendors?:
We have developed an equal opportunity tier system for businesses. Below is the breakdown of each package:

*NOTE: Food vendors are an additional $20 per package.

  • Infant Package: $50

    • ​​Secured vendor spot

    • 3 free raffle tickets

  • Toddler Package: $75

    • Secured vendor spot

    • 5 free raffle tickets

    • Name & logo on digital & tangible promo

      • .png format only​

    • Personalized promotional flyer

  • Child Package: $100 (LIMITED SPACE)

    • Secured vendor spot

    • 7 free raffle tickets

    • Name & logo on digital & tangible promo

    • Personalized promotional flyer

    • First pick at vendor spot

    • 60 seconds to personally speak about your business

    • Special business shout out during the event

    • The JCReppin' Special

      • 50% discount on a completely customized jingle (song) for your business 

    • ***SUPRISE BONUS***

Are there any perks for early registration?:

Yes! Vendors that choose to register early will receive 10% off of their registration fee! Early registration ends at midnight on Friday, March 10, 2023 after which, registration will be regular price. 

Can I have more than one person at the table with me and do they have to pay?:

Vendors are welcome to have as many people at your booth as they'd like! Unless you are the business owner, everyone is welcome to shop at the Baby Business Shower free of charge!

When is the last day to pay for the event?

The last day to submit your application and vendor fee is Friday, March 17, 2023.

What time is the event?:
2pm - 6pm

Where is the event?:

Sol Plaza - The Patio

1140 Commerce Center Dr.

Lancaster, CA 93534

Will there be activities for children?:

Yes! We have will have a variety of kid-friendly activities for young and young at heart .

Will tables be provided?:

Here's the thing, only YOU know what size table you need for your booth. We don't want to provide you with a table too small or a table too big. Therefore, tables will NOT be provided for you. We strongly recommend that each vendor bring their own, tent, and decorations to make their space look amazing! 

*NOTE: In the event that a table is needed, we will provide a 6 ft table along with 2 chairs for an additional $20 and must be requested at least 24 hours before the event.

What do I need to bring?:

Bring whatever you feel is necessary to attract people to your table. Business cards, signs, banners, flyers, and samples are all welcome at this event. Please note that music will be provided for the entire event. Therefore, if you are bringing your own speaker, please use it to enhance the vibe at YOUR OWN table. In other words, keep the volume low so that it doesn't clash with the main music.

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